Video: top-performing macadamia farms

Video: and the more technical aspects of macadamia farming discussed

Video: top-performing macadamia farms

Welcome back to Macadamia Dehuskers. We have found another in-depth macadamia farming video on YouTube (featured below), that we are sure you will appreciate as much as we did.

It’s rather scientific, analytical and mathematic as so many factors are examined and discussed – in extreme depth and detail. Macadamia farming is highly technical at all levels of production! But it seems, that the end-result of the analysis, is that attention to detail, at all of the production levels, wins out every time.

Enjoy the video…

Macadamia Dehuskers are standing by in South Africa to answer any questions or queries regarding the macadamia dehusking equipment and machinery that we produce and sell.

We are situated down on the Hibiscus Coast – aka – the KZN South Coast. Marburg in the Port Shepstone area, to be exact. Our contact page has a map with all our details too.

The lower south coast of KZN has been well planted with macadamia trees – so much prettier than the sugar cane and timber plantations it replaced! And all round so much better for the delicate coastal environment.

If you are farming macadamias at the moment, or plan to – and you are looking into machinery and equipment to streamline your production process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will come out and see you on your farm or facility, check out your operation, and advise – and then design, a custom application perfect for your requirements.

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