Why do macadamia nuts cost so much?

Why do macadamia nuts cost so much? An interesting story explained nicely in video.

Why do macadamia nuts cost so much?

Why do macadamia nuts cost so much?

This weeks featured video discusses and analyses the many factors and variables that have made macadamia nuts the most expensive nuts in the world.

And it’s an interesting story with quite some history…

So, as it turns out, much of the expense is in the harvesting and processing. And this is where can really help you.

Macadamia Dehuskers produce all the machinery required to process harvested macadamia nut yields. Right here in South Africa. Where their decades of macadamia farming experience has culminated in the factory situated conveniently in macadamia heaven – the KZN South Coast. Lower South Coast really – in Marburg, just outside of the picturesque sub-tropical coastal town of Port Shepstone.

The factory will be back in full swing at the end of lockdown in a few weeks, and the team is chomping at the bit to get back to schedule.

If you would like to pop in some time and see the macadamia but machinery being manufactured, you can find directions and contact details on our contact page.

Otherwise, we would love to come out to your farm for a visit. And then to analyse your requirements. And design a custom solution just for what you are planning to do.

This gallery is made of installations and machinery that Macadamia Dehuskers have set up for clients, down in the Munster area. This area has experienced a welcome transformation of the beautiful KZN landscape from sugar cane and gum, to picturesque macadamia plantations. Which although not indigenous – look a lot better, and are also easier on the environment.

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